Wishful thinking!

I had a revelation this afternoon...While I was rocking my 2 month old baby to sleep in my arms, I had this sudden rush of joy ..... feeling what I was feeling at the moment, bearing down the 5 kg weight of my child and immeasurable weight of my aspirations. My mind drifted back to 15-16 years ago, when in my adolescence I used to wonder what life had in store for me? How was it going to turn out?

Back in those days, I used to imagine details about my future life and tried to create vivid scenes in my mind about the specifics...How will I look? What kind of job would I do? The kind of people I would befriend. Where and how will I travel ? Of course, you would have guessed, all these details will come with a certain level of smugness and audacity ...I am a so called introvert and therefore I did like to believe that I evolved as a very outgoing, extrovert and super friendly kind of person in the coming future (early and mid 20s) whose popularity tops the chart in social circles.…

And she is here!

Life takes a splendid turn
An angel for which we yearned
Innocence has found a new face
Mischief is about to grace

Little nose like buttery bun
Eyes like 2 dollops of sun
Tiny hands tiny feet
You will make our family complete

Strange are the ways of the world
attached to the unborn curled
Fill our lives with joy and light
Your smile will be our delight

I wonder which came first
The body, soul or innocuous heart
since you are a part of me that grows
How much of me you already know?
Just like your primitive cell
A fragment of my soul also dwells?

However you come about to us
You be the darling, sweetheart our precious
Kindle us with warmth and love
And gratitude to the supreme above!

How to plan your central Konkan trip - Impromptu version!

When you are in one of the best lush green landscapes amidst monsoons our country has to offer - you must realise you have to explore all four corners of the state and sometimes along the boundaries as well. One such memorable trip happened in September 2016 where we covered the Konkan coastline and satisfied our craving of sea and long drives.

The Itinerary
So there was no specific itinerary for the trip and we travelled from south to north along the coast where the road took us - Murud Beach in Dapoli, Harnai , Anjarle, Kelshi and Harihareshwar - all in a 3 day trip!

So we had the pleasant weather of mid September and a long weekend ahead, giving us an opportunity to plan a long drive all the down way south to Ganapatipule. We started off from Mumbai just fine in the early morning. Being a photography enthusiast and a beginner, I didn't miss any opportunity to click as we sped by the highways or small towns of Maharashtra. Our one such stop was a village near Mahad where we chir…

Lazy things to do in Mahabaleshwar!

There some tourist places in India and specifically hill stations which are quite famous and popular among tourists mainly because these never fail to delight us. Mahabaleshwar is one of them. Nestled in the western ghats forests of Maharashtra, the place is ideal for an extended weekend getaway from Pune/Mumbai both.

How to reach: For road junkies, this 5 hour trip is a pleasure drive on good smooth roads and ghats.
 Your own vehicle will also provide you the ease of travelling and stopping at any picturesque points you encounter....and there are quite a few! If not, buses are always an alternative. The train service is only available from Mumbai to Pune, ahead of which a bus or taxi is the most recommended mode of transport. The journey is enjoyable and you will encounter many local stall set ups along the road with home made pickles and Spices.  These are definitely worth a try and a to do in your what to buy in Mahabaleshwar.
Panchgani - is quaint little town on the way to Mahabale…

3 days Bali Itinerary - the Asian getaway

If you are in India and are looking for a good vacation alternative with no visa hassles and cheaper currency, your next destination should be Bali, Indonesia.

Archipelago of  islands - Indonesia, is famous for beaches, volcanoes, thick beautiful forests and this makes it a perfect destination to for travelers looking for varied experiences. And most sought after island of all is Bali.

Bali is a beautiful island with beaches, mountains  and waterfalls to explore. Here is my 3 day itinerary for Bali in the month of April last year.

Notable Places to see in Bali-
Below are the top highlighted places in Bali which can help you plan your itinerary.
1. Ubud - handicraft villages, Tegenungan waterfalls, Tegalalang rice terraces, Kintamani active volcano
2. Beaches - Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Legion, Dreamland
3. Temple - Uluwatu

Day 1: Ubud - There are many cultural villages preserved in the Ubud region specifically kept for tourists. Every village has a handicraft heritage associated with i…

What to do in Nashik/Trimbakeshwar - God's abode

When living in India, one cannot escape the spiritual essence small towns and cities offer. However, people look for some other activities as well when exploring a new place. Nashik is modern mix of holiness and rich leisurely experience wrapped into one - holy for its spiritual history and serene experience it enriches you with. Leisurely affair because of all the wine tasting hobby you can develop here :)

Here is my brief recap of my travel experience and things to explore in Nashik!
Nashik is a well known ancient holy city situated at the northwestern side of Maharashtra and is hugely popular amongst Hindu devotees as it hosts the MahaKumbh Mela  - largest religious gathering every 12 years.
There is a huge temple complex right in middle of the old Nashik city and lies on the banks of river Godavari. All references in Ramayana of Nashik like Panchavati can be found here in temples.  In fact, there are certain temples which open only during Kumbh i.e. every 12 years.  

The point is…

Mumbai weekend getaway to Bhandardara: journey to an unparalleled world!

So close to the hustle bustle of one of India's busiest cosmopolitan, Mumbai, lies an abode truly rustic, hardly explored, majestic in its full glory during monsoons is small hill station Bhandardara.

Why to go?
Living up to its name, a valley of treasures, Bhandardara is an excellent choice to unwind over a long weekend. Surrounded all sides by huge mountains, including Mt. Kalsubai, the highest peak of Maharashtra, and lakes in the middle- Bhandardara is a treat for eyes. There are hikes and trails nestled in every nook and corner, rainfalls coming into the view while driving, greenery at its utmost best and above all, a very tranquil environment for re-invigoration.

What to see?: There are a lot of attractions apart from soakinng in the all the beauty around and seeking visual pleasures. There are water bodies like Wilson dam, Arthur lake and Randha falls where locals come for picnics on holidays,  hikes for panoramic view Kalsubai, Ghatghar, Ratnagad fort. Sandhan valley for a…