Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Review : God is a Gamer

It happens once in a while when you come across a book which is simply written, adequately edited and offers pure pleasure of a new story line! When I received the book from Blog Adda, the first page of the book signed by the author brought a smile to my face with  a"Stay Awesome" personalized by a smiley ! I was genuinely pleased with the author's sweet gesture. Thank you Mr. Ravi Subramanian. :)

The book is a refreshing story in 'Mystery/Thriller" genre. The most striking feature of the novel is the style of writing. It is very crisp and straight forward with basic English vocabulary usage. The author has spared the reader from complicated long paragraphs with excruciating details of each characters and sometimes irrelevant information of the surroundings, history, banal things in and around . The author has made sure that the reader gets a story and that's what it is in the book with no exceptions ! I would suggest this one to all the new and aspiring readers.
Another great thing about the book is that it is divided into numerous small chapters , each one extending not more than 2-3 pages long which adds to its simplicity/brevity of the subject.

The story has many protagonists over majorly 2 different countries and expanding over several months in the timeline. The author has managed to grip the attention perfectly and it is really hard to keep the book down once you get engrossed. Regularly, the writer's tactic is to keep going back and forth multiple cities and switch between various characters and sub plots of the story spread across each subsequent chapters. This ensures that the reader entails and tries to connect the dots of the story in his own mind and eventually keep him hooked for more such dots. I would give full credits to the author of having edited the story in such a fashion. The story line is very well crafted with financial backdrop along with gaming and internet/social media/networking web that are beautifully interspersed. Briefly, the novel caters to the youth readers who can connect and are interested in the latest technological advancement happening around the world.

Spoiler Alert !!! The next paragraph might spoil the ending for the yet to read group. Everyone expects a justified ending with all the culprits identified and served :P. But this one offers a twisted end laced with melodrama and the person behind the heist is as free as a bird. Additionally, the author has also tried a moral justification to back the ending and provide an angle of sympathy to the protagonist. I feel the ending has been served correctly per the context and notion of the entire story giving it a believable and humane touch.

All in all, it is a very gripping read not to be missed especially for those who are into a tight script and novel implementation !

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quirky Ways of Mumbai

Idea has been playing in my mind for quite a while...

1. I walk past by neatly lined up people of different ages and professions at sweaty and small BEST bus stops. The youngest member of the Bus hopping clan is at the top of the line if he is the first passenger and eager to depart to his destination.The oldest member might be the last one to be trodden in the line if he is too late.  I arrive at the local stations with bustling energies of people from all walks of life. Before the train comes to a screeching halt, humans are divided into 2 sects. The one waiting to get out and the ones trying to get in ! And this battle of life every local has the fortune to witness. Usually the to be departed crowd outperform the to be arrived human race.  People push, swear, tear clothes and shout almost patriotic slogans to encourage their side of people who are in the front! Such discord can exists only in Mumbai in perfect harmony.

2. I stroll on the pathways of shopping alleys in Mumbai, hill road, fashion streets or anywhere near any station, I hear "puch,pch,pch.." lucid sounds on and off. I look back and discover that's how mumbai Janta are called by Mumbai Janta on the streets and among the public. Fascinating!

3. I stand on the alley between the seats inside the local where 80 % of the population stand while travelling. A very beautiful, suave and modern looking young girl , eyes peeping behind the expensive Rayban and the right hand holding the elegant looking purse with posh. Another girl standing in front of me , at the other side of the alley, in brightly clad salwar kameez and face hidden by a scarf embossing prints most commonly available on fashion street. Both these exotic lasses shopping for various girly items like hair bands, earrings etc with the local vendor. Another one from the inside of the locals!

4. I see young/middle aged couples on the smelly and black slimy rocks at Bandstand establishing their cocoons over the expanse of the sea view must be best seen from the walled courtyards and balcony of the famous Bollywood actor. Each one imitating the young and vivacious "Khullam Khulla pyaar karenge" epic act by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. Marine drive, Worli Sea face and new developed sea view before the worli sea link are also getting popular among the love bugged ppl desperate for intimate scenes in wide public view. Reliving the Bollywood romance on the streets of Mumbai!

I m still exploring the city and I assure myself to be adjusted to these antiques with ease and little time. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Book Review -Ramayana - The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince!

Its after long I'm reviewing a book ...... hectic work schedules, change in lifestyle after wedding and city and having not read a book in a WHILE might be one of the main reasons :D.

Today I read new novel "Rise of the Sun Prince" by Shubha Vilas. A personal note from the author on the front page of the book is so welcoming ! This book is refreshing and revisited version of our Hindu mythological epic Ramayana.  As an Indian, I've read Ramayana several times since childhood and thanks to our television channels Ramayana has been aired so many times in so many different modernized versions that I know the stories well. Also, our grandmothers and mothers have never failed to bring out and highlight some or the other story from there as per the situation or as childhood bedtime stories !
What is different in this book then? This book extensively covers minute teaching and moral background of every emotion or action or event following every emotion/action/event. And a good part is that the moral and self provoking thoughts are shared as part of foot notes so as not to interrupt the flow of the story (as there are so many). The reader can also enjoy a separate chain of thoughts inspired by the moral/emotional interpretation. This was the most impressive and clever form of writing . The writer has thus ensured that people revisit the epic story and touch base the Indian roots and also learn something out of it (which was the prime cause of writing these epics in the first place). The story is written in a very basic rustic tone adding simplicity and pleasure to reading! The narration is also well elaborated hardly missing out any detail of the event or character which makes it easier to visualize and relate to it .

All in all, I would recommend this book to all the young generations who haven't had a chance to know about the legendary Ramayana to read this book and get mesmerized by Mythology again ! I would give it a 3.5 stars. :)

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love vs You know what !

One of the unusual days when my mind was a little uncluttered…I was wondering about some most lamest discussions of all times, one which has been on the top list of the girls while filtering out from the prospective bf list.
I was thrilled to pour in some of my own for the cause.
You know what !
1. You can feel butterflies in your stomach when you are about to meet
Not butterflies but yes some sort of chemicals running down from your brain to the exclusive parts of your body which would give you an equal amount of you know what
1. You can whisper sweet nothings and go back to sleep hugging a teddy bear
These type would be the most sound sleepers as they have a lot to dream about
2. Its enjoyable planning surprises and buying gifts for him/her
 Yeah ! too much brain work to plan  surprises when u can be alone
3. You can smile sheepishly , loose yourself in thoughts and even chuckle alone in Office. People would just waive off saying “how sweet ! silly is in love”.
 You can still loose in “ thoughts” only if you  practice to smile sheepishly at Office.  They would still say “ohhhh !! silly in love!”
4. You can call at wee hours and demand emotional support.
 Hey man! What emotional support ?   you  are a happy person anyways
5. You can avail the free facility of eye-cleansing by wailing out tears fighting on absurd topics “Ab tum pehle jaise nahi rahe!” “you don’t love me” “wo ladki kaun thi” (sorry for being gender biased but even sensitive males can enjoy this)
 You have other systems of excercising by  eyes popping (various lengths) and ahhh  there’s lots of stuff.
6. You can blabber for hours and he’ll listen to you without batting an eyelid .(rem pt 4….”silly is in love”)
 You can blabber for hours and he’ll listen  to you without batting an eyelid .(rem pt  4….practised sheepish smiler)
P.S. : this is just for fun...please don't take it offensively

Well I guess its time you pick one !